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The packaging box follow Environmental Policy

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The FINESTAR PRINTING LTD recognises that our operations have the potential to effect the environment. The Company will meet all regulatory requirements and in addition will do the following:
Since we started our company over seventeen years ago, we have been  using as much recycled material in our packaging products as possible, and will continue to do so. All paper box used in our dispatch department are recycled , they are sourced from local businesses and re-used by us to send out all our products.
We also try and source products from sustainable sources where possible and the vast majority of our productsare 100% recyclable.
Our custom made boxes are produced from up to 90% recycled board, the rest is made from managed forests and there may be some clay coating.
We use various suppliers for our covering papers, all of which are able to supply us with a statement of origin and recyclable qualities upon request.
Any Waste Card or paper generated from our box making division, gets passed on to local schools, who use these items in their Art/Craft Lessons.
As a business we recycle; Food Waste, Old Batteries, Card,  Plastic &Paper Cartons &  Bottles through our Local Authority's Recycling Scheme.
We try and use the most efficient lighting in our work areas and use water saving devices where possible.
We aim to incorporate in our environmental practices the best available technology that is economically achievable, and we will minimise the use of all materials and energy and not use any materials derived from endangered species. We aim to apply the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling to the management of our products and their packaging.
If you require any further information on a specific product,  please visit us at http:// www. Cnboxbag .com  and contact us , we will be happy to get the answers for you.

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