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2014 Recruitment Information

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2014 Recruitment Information


Due to the expansion of the business, the company decides to recruit some graphic designers,foreign trade sales, merchandisers.


Printing graphic designer

1. At least 1 years experience in printing company, familiar with the idea of printing industry, production processes, CTP Pasteup experience and so on.

2. Familiar with AI, CDR, PS design software.

3.Honest ,can complete the work consciously.

4. High school degree or above


Printing foreign trade sales

1. Expand overseas markets, develop and maintain overseas customers by  e-commerce platform.

2. Responsible for the company's online trading platform of operation management and product information published on promotion;

3. Update products, complete the sales task.

4. College degree or above in business English, or marketing and relevant majors. English level 4 or above.

5. Interested in sales, printing industry foreign trade work experience is preferred.

6. Strong learning ability, self-motivated, like challenge, has the strong team concept.



1. College degree or above.

2. At least 1 years working experience in foreign trade merchandiser.

3. Familiar with foreign trade and order management process, with solid basic knowledge in related field.

4. Have good English written expression ability, familiar with OFFICE software operation.



Ascension space is large, can play your potential freely.All positions are free food and housing.If you are interested and meet the requirements, please kindly contact us by phone or send your resume to our mailbox.

 Company Name: Finestar Printing Co.,Ltd.

Address: Export economic industrial park, Niushan, Dongcheng district, Dongguan City.

Contact Person: Cherry Huang

Phone: 15992777028

Tel: 0769-23118482


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