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Paper packaging printing factory,printing industry

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You need to know more about Finestar Enterprise

What we are proud of is that Finestar Enterprise is more and more prosperous. Now, Finstar Enterprise is consist of three subsidiaries. Finestar Printing(Dongguan) Co.,Ltd., which was buit in 1995; Finestar Printing(Cambodia) Co.,Ltd., which is established in 2013; Bun World Group(Cambodia) Co .,Ltd., which is put into production in 2014.

Finestar Printing(Dongguan)mainly produces high-quality paper packaging for various famous brand, such as Levi’s, Dockers, Roots, Adidas, Mix, Kaloo, and so on.



All products have high demand in design, material,printing, surface finishing and handwork. The high-quality goods will show in the shopping mall in different countries. In another word, the unique packaging will add the value to the goods in the marketing. So the first and the most important factor we pay attention is the design and solution we supply.To meet up with the marketing trend, we established an excellent design team, who are skilled and experienced in packaging design, can go on working as per the customers’ requirements and ideas.




Finestar Printing(Dongguan) is one site to supply the most suitable packaging solution to various industries.




Finestar Printing(Cambodia) covers an area of 40000m2, all the plants and the building is built in 2012. The main products are packaigng solutions to shoe and clothing manufacturer, such as shoe box,shoe paper bag, shoe paper label. These years, there are more and more shoe factory are opening in Cambodia ,and the labor in Cambodia is cheaper, so it is quite necessary for us to build paper printing factory to supply shoe paper packaging, to cooperate well with the shoe manufacturers and meet up with the marketing in Cambodia. Of course ,also supply printing packaging for any other industry ,such as electronic industry .





Bun World Group(Cambodia) covers an area of 7 hectares, with new building and the latest technology&equipment for paper master carton. The main products are high quality master carton, outer box, shipping carton, transportation carton.



As Cambodia marketing is growing, all industries are developing fast.There are big demand for various master carton. We can supply not only outer carton in high quality, but also the safty packaging. Bun World Group has got the Wal-Mart Validation, the master carton we manufacture can meet up with the world standard.



Bun World Group is the leader in the packaging industry in Cambodia, it is the only biggest mast carton maufacturer, whose owner is chinese, enjoying the highest profile.

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