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Label printing will be made printing "ten years"

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How the pinting industry is going to develop in the next ten years ? In the next ten years, label printing industry will become the mainstream of the development of the printing industry trends.

The Chinese international label technology show in2012, discovered that label printing industry are quietly takeing its place, to become the indispensable part in life.The exhibitors knew the label printing more!
The label printing and packaging is the only two products aren't virtualization products in the printing industry, labels like a kind of identity for products, each kind of product should have their own id card.

Label printing like people wear clothes, a change of things, will have different effect. The next 10 years, label printing will be a strong for the development of the printing industry ,and will bring "Gospel".

In addition, the development of label printing also promoted the development of the printing ink. As is known to all, with the development of society, people pay more attention to food safety, label printing got encouraging,label can match packaging to be existent , and the label can push the development of  "label printing,  printing ink is the" Lord medicine " for label printing .In recent years, by the country's advocate, labels and ink would have been on the green, environmental protection, healthy road. The next 10 years, label printing will have explosive development, this will force the evolution of traditional label and the appearance of the new labels.

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