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Dohia Home Textile Co., Ltd is cooperating with us

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Finestar printing&packaging company has more than 18years experience in the packaging products since 1995, then has been cooperating with many brands all over the world, and gains much good reputation from all new and old customers.

Finestar has a set equipment for printing products,such as printing machine, paper cutting machine, oil machine, rolling machine, lamination machine, box forming machine,etc. Because of the solid foundation in the printing industry, many customers put their trust on us, of course , with the equipment and the skill of our techinician, we always hand in satisfactory results to our dear customers,and go on cooperation happily with us.

3th march, the listed company DOHIA home textile company came and visited our factory, our solid equipment for the packaging products make them trust us, that we can cooperate with them well and the packaging products can coincide with the marketing. So the marketing director of DOHIA make a big decide that he will discuss with their company to place all the packing orders to us.

All the customers we are cooperating with can say that we are experienced in the packaging products industry, just feel free to contact us to kown more about our company and the products. we can design on your idea, so just trust us and cooperate with us.

Our B2B platform Alibaba address is , or just browse our company website , of course,you can also contact our sales at or call +86-159927777028.

Dear, your inquiries are welcome, we are here for you.

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