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Cooperating with Google

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Cooperating with Google

Printn-pack has been in printing and packaging for more than 21 years, has been cooperating well with many well known brands all over the world, such as Levi's,Paige,Dockers,Mark's, 2xist, Adidas,MIX,HBC,DUNNES,Artzia,Sunspel, Bravado,Harrods ,JCP,Standfield's, there are also so many many brands in other industry, but not only colothing.


But to service our customers well, and to be found out us easily by most other brands, who need our help and want to work together with us, we decide to cooperate with Google, to work together to show more details to our potential clients.


By Google, we will update targeted packaging information for different industries, to supply effective news for our cilents, who can get helpful message and do well in marketing sales.


So our teams are positive in Participating in all kinds of qualification examination and activity, to master market dynamics and industry trend, work together with our customers to overcome marketing problems, keep on developing deeply.


To do well in e-commerce, we will be working with Google for long time, supply instant messages and develop together with our customers. & are our websites, just click and browse to get more packaging industry information, knowing more about Printn-pack, who has kept moving for more than 21 years both at home and abroad.

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